Kyla Cole – KCM 500th Set

Kyla Cole – KCM 500th Set…Martina Jacova was launched as Kyla Cole by J. Stephen Hicks who smartly registered the domain knowing the fame she would go on to achieve. After her split from Stephen, Kyla Cole owned and ran her own website with a later boyfriend/manager until March 2006. After a very bitter breakup with him, she went into hibernation and finally emerged from obscurity when she launched her own website in 2009 where she now posts a set of her pictures very regularly. She still takes great care to make sure that every picture posted on her website is airbrushed to hide even the tiniest of flaws on her face. And that tally has reached 500 sets now. WOW. Lets hope she goes on to post at least 500 more. Enjoy the 500th set.

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