|k2s| Roxi – Exploited College Girls

|k2s| Roxi – Exploited College Girls…


School: Arizona State University
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Height: 5’1
Figure: 32-24-30
Eyes: Hazel

18 year old ASU cutie Roxi still has that tight body from her cheerleader days, as we get to see in a little while. But first, it’s time for some very intimate chit chat in the car on the way to the hotel. (I can never get enough of these girls’ dirty secrets, do you? LOL) Roxi has never shot porn videos before, except little home movies with her boyfriend. And some girlfriends. Yes, you read that right. Roxi swings both ways, at least for now. She’s still young and she does say she prefers cock. In fact she likes cock so much, she lost her virginity when she was barely 14 and she’s been “active” ever since. Like I said, she has a boyfriend now but the poor sob is clueless as to her whereabouts today. Probably for the better because if he saw his girlfriend gobble J-a-y’s cock in the car not ten minutes after meeting him, I bet he wouldn’t be pleased.
Talking about pleasure: there’s lots of that for Roxi today. The girl can CUM! She says she lost count after 6 orgasms with Jay. He gets her off first using his hand magic and a new vibrator, then again with the help of a dildo that fits neatly into Roxi’s tight little pussy and her ass. She wasn’t sure about that one at first but in the end she’s glad she tried it. She said she liked anal (or thinks she does) so naturally that’s one thing to put to the test. Lots of girl cream on the toys confirm that yes indeed, our cutie likes to cum with things in her ass. She orgasms pretty loudly and very visibly so you won’t miss a thing (turn your volume down, just in case…). Her clit enlarges after she orgasms, and it’s super sensitive, so when J-a-y keeps rubbing on it, it just pushes her over the edge again and again.
Now so about the anal: after a very enthusiastic romp in the sheets (more orgasms for Roxi), J/a/y has her straddle herself on the chair and lubes up her ass. He doesn’t even tell her what he’s about to do but she gets the idea. After some anal stretching, J/a/y pushes his big cock inside her ass, and unfortunately after a few minutes Roxi can’t handle any more of that. So it’s back to regular doggy style, but J-ay is kinda pissed so he’s really playing rough with Roxi at that point. Not that she minds, she revealed earlier that she likes to be taken hard. There’s hair pulling, throat grabbing, and Roxi isn’t exactly complaining. J/a/y then makes her suck his pussy juice covered cock clean. Probably one of my favorite parts of this shoot, it’s just super hot to watch.
After our trademark pin-down position (Roxi on her belly, J-a/y fucking the hell out of her on top while she cums again) and a bit more straight sex, J-a/y unleashes his cum load over her pussy, engorged clit, and…well, pretty much all over her body because the guy cums buckets. Roxi plays a little with his cum but that’s not dirty enough for J-a/y so he feeds her a handful of his jizz. She swallows, smiles, and the world is bright again. Very hot. I still can’t believe an innocent looking 18 year old like that can be so filthy. Love it! LOL. And fear not about the anal – Roxi WILL be back for a full-out assfucking shoot. It’s already in the can. Roxi couldn’t wait to try anal again so we had her come back a few days after today’s session. For now, enjoy cute Roxi’s first foray into the dirty world of amateur porn.

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