(k2s) Rochelle – ExploitedCollegeGirls

(k2s) Rochelle – ExploitedCollegeGirls…


School: Sacramento State
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5′
Figure: 32B-18-24
EyeColor: Hazel
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy

Rochelle is a girl full of odd contradictions. She has had exactly two sex partners in her life: her first and only boyfriend, and then a guy who talked her into doing a porno (incidentally my buddy Rick). As of today, there is a third: me…another guy who talked her into doing a porno. Although this time around she actually knows (kinda) what she’s getting into. So this girl is about as untouched as it can get. And yet she is trying to play the wild child. She’s got this huge tat on her arm and plans on getting a full sleeve. She looks like a chick who spends her days off getting gangbanged by motorcycle gang members, but in truth she’s about as non-whorish as it can get. I’m still not sure what to make of her. She’s cute, fairly talkative, has a steady day job that helps her pay for college, doesn’t do drugs, and until recently, when she decided to go out with her girlfriends to get over the breakup with her boyfriend, has been pretty much a studious home body.
So why a young girl who has only had one normal sex partner in her life wants to do porn movies now is beyond me. The subject of money or fame never came up when I talked to her on the phone and I really think she is just trying to make up for everything she’s missed so far in her life. At 19 years of age, this is quite a bit, considering the high slut factor among so many girls her age these days. So here is Rochelle, practically a virgin in contrast to some of the other little dishes I serve here on ECG. We find out a lot about her while she is putting on her makeup (the breakup, her first time, how her friends and family reacted when they found out about her first fuck flick, and all that good stuff) and the really outrageous part about all this is how *normal* Rochelle is. As I’m asking her the questions my eyes go back and forth between that huge biker tattoo and her innocent face. These two things just don’t go together. I vow to myself to fuck her so hard, her damn tattoo is gonna fall off. LOL. I know this girl’s gonna do anything to break away from her good-girl image. And I was right…
In a way all of this really makes my “job” a lot easier. Rochelle cums very easily, no doubt in part because she hasn’t *really* been fucked before. I don’t put the occasional 3 minute romp with her same-age ex-boyfriend on the same level as getting fucked for an afternoon by a perpetual hard-on twice her age who has had many, many hundreds of girls to practice on. You watch her facial expressions when I lick her pussy and ass, and fuck her tiny 5 foot frame so hard the room shakes, and tell me she’s ever experienced anything like this before. I think the answer is a big resounding no. LOL
I’m watching the camera footage from all three camcorders now and it’s funny how huge my cock looks in that little body of hers. She can barely get the thing in her mouth when she first tries to blow me. I can tell she’s not exactly been giving out blowjobs left and right. Oh, not that she’s terrible, but she’s definitely still learning. Quite endearing, actually. The great thing about young girls who are so desperate to shake off their homely image is that they usually do anything and everything I want them to. They want to please, they want to look at themselves getting fucked on the camcorder monitors, they want to feel like dirty, slutty whores for an afternoon. Rochelle fits this profile exactly. She’s doing all this and more, and honestly I wouldn’t be too surprised to see her in one or two more home-made pornos later down the road…and then call it quits forever. She’s not in this for the money, or really anything other than to be “reborn”, if that makes any sense. She just needs to get her “fill” so to speak. I think I’ve helped her with that to a degree even she didn’t expect. I mean, I fuck her hard, I make her cum several times, and if it wasn’t for covering her face with a week’s worth of cum when I’m done with her, I think Rochelle would have considered today’s fuck session one of the best days in her life. Yeah, she didn’t like the cumshot but, according to what she tells us at the end of the video, everything else was great. I concur. Banging Rochelle and watching her cum and cum again is fun. Watching her become a better cocksucker with every minute she tries is even better. Watch and enjoy, brothers!

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