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[K2S] Jim’s Birthday – CFNMnet…

Jim’s Birthday

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It’s Jim’s birthday and while he should be out celebrating with his mates down the pub, instead he’s stuck at his desk yet again. As the minutes tick by it seems less and less likely he’ll get away in time to do anything. It’s been many months since he went on a date or had any sort of contact with any women other than his work colleagues and his sexual frustration is building. But being alone in an empty office can have its advantages. With no one else around to see what he’s up to Jim thinks he deserves a little fun…
Jim has decided to relieve his executive stress by having a wank and watching some filthy porn on his computer. After all, he’s all alone in the office – what harm can it do? But strange popping noises disturb the silence of the building leaving him distinctly unnerved. A sudden feeling of fear makes his flesh creep – perhaps he’s not the only one here after all. He heads off to investigate, totally unprepared for the surprise his colleagues have organised for him.
Fearful for his job and future career, Jim is in a very difficult position. Unable to get away from his female work colleagues and sexy cousin Charlotte he has no choice but to submit to their eager attentions. The first birthday present they give him is a prostate vibrator and they waste no time in trying it out on the terrified lad. But there are more surprises to come and the women aren’t about to let him go until he’s given them something in return.

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